What to do While Stoned

What Kind Of Content To Watch Or Listen To While Stoned

It should come as no surprise that everyone’s experience with marijuana is unique. For some, cannabis can evoke a new feeling of lightness, relaxation, and unhinged creativity. For others, smoking some weed can be the beginning of a very anxious and not-so-great time on the couch. And more often than not, many of us have all sorts of experiences when we’re high that can vary based on a number of factors. These include our emotional state, whether we have an empty stomach or, in some cases, the environment we find ourselves in. It sometimes only takes some anxiety-provoking music or television to turn a perfectly relaxing evening at home into a rough night.  

When we think of music or films that people like to consume while high, we think of psychedelics, colors, or lighthearted humor. We often gravitate towards content that does not require us to think too hard but instead opens up a door for our imaginations to wander. Is this the case for everyone? Of course not! As we mentioned earlier, everyone’s experience with recreational marijuana is different and often not the same every time. Let us explore some potential theories as to why certain content tends to be popular with marijuana enthusiasts.


Why You Might Want To Keep It Simple And Lighthearted  

It is known that one of marijuana’s adverse effects is a heightened risk of paranoia or anxiety. When inebriated, you could often feel more emotionally vulnerable or willing to express feelings (or fears) that you previously suppressed. This is typically seen as one of the potential therapeutic benefits of using cannabis, but it can also come with its risks. Watching video content or listening to music containing graphic content, violence, loud noises, fast tempos, sudden cuts, and other qualities could overstimulate someone. Because people tend to be more sensitive after smoking cannabis, these details can increase the risk of paranoia or anxiety.

Instead, aim for something less busy like a lighthearted comedy, some non-violent animation, or perhaps genres of music that are not very high energy. Your safest bet for a stress-free night is to keep it simple, fun, and easy to digest. Also, there is the potential to experience hallucinations when ingesting large amounts of THC; therefore, you do not want to have those visuals influenced by violent or graphic stressors.

Think Twice About Subject Matter 

When choosing music or a movie to watch after smoking weed, you might want to think twice about the subject matter or do some research. Because you are much more observant while on cannabis or can feel hypersensitive to certain things, some content can evoke negative emotions that you were not expecting. Also referred to as “triggers,” do not consume any content that could bring back memories of past traumas, hard times, or regrets. It might be in your best interest to do some research before smoking cannabis and compile a list of television shows, movies, albums, or podcasts that are free of any potential triggers.  

If you plan to smoke cannabis with a friend, it would be courteous to share your list of recommended content beforehand. The last thing you want is to accidentally trigger your friend and be left with the task of calming their anxieties while under the influence yourself.


What to do while smoking weed

This Could Be A Great Opportunity To Learn 

For some people, smoking cannabis allows their brains to flow with creativity and absorb all kinds of information. Instead of a comedy film or the latest album, you have been dying to listen to, pre-select a documentary on a topic you find interesting. You might find it easier to focus on the film’s factual information and visuals and end your night by learning all sorts of new things. In the end, you are left with a win-win scenario.  

Colors Are Always Brighter 

Stimulate your brain and imagination with exciting visuals. While a black and white film could also be a great source of entertainment, consider a movie or show that has vivid colors, beautiful animations, or great music. You would be surprised by how differently your brain can process these stimulating properties while smoking cannabis.  

Maybe Do Not Watch, But Do! 

Instead of sitting on the couch or in bed after smoking some bud, use this time as an opportunity to pick up a new hobby. But some important things to note before getting started – remember that you are still under the influence! That means no operating heavy machinery, no getting behind the wheel, and no handling anything sharp or potentially dangerous. This is the time to paint, sketch, mold clay, or write.  

Is There Such Thing As A “Stoner Genre”? 

The answer is yes and no. Of course, some films, television shows, or music artists are associated with marijuana or weed culture. Still, there is never one set definition for this kind of content. Watch and listen to the stuff you like while smoking marijuana because it is your unique experience. Just do not forget to keep weed fresh, pick up your snacks, kick back, relax, and remember to keep things as stress-free as possible.

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