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What Is Topical Cannabis?

It can feel like the possibilities are endless for lotions, creams, and other rich topicals. Many invest in these items for beauty, wellness, or bettering themselves somehow. Topical cannabis products, similar to expensive creams we splurge on, are also excellent for your body and have numerous benefits. Although many mistakenly assume topical cannabis is a recreational drug, this is far from true; it is instead similar to a health supplement, a therapeutic ingredient in your wellness routine. It is an excellent option for treating certain conditions or chronic pain with natural methods. 

With topical cannabis, you can tap into several of cannabis’ benefits in terms of cannabinoids without having to smoke or eat edibles to do so. The following discusses everything you need to know about topical cannabis: 

How Do Topicals Work? 

Topical cannabis is a THC-infused product applied directly to the skin. The THC in the topicals absorbs through the skin via receptors in your body. These receptors, which also detect pain, are found on the skin, nerve endings, and muscle fibers. 

Once the topical cannabis comes into contact with the receptors, its THC content enters the body and slowly distributes. The process happens so slowly most people do not feel any psychoactive effects, so there is no need to worry about overapplying. 

The time it takes for you to feel the effects of topical cannabis will vary from person to person and based on the brand in use. The THC effects will be instant for some, whereas it can take a few hours for others. 

What Are the Uses of Topical Cannabis? 

One of the most common uses for topical cannabis is pain relief. Although there are not enough published studies to determine cannabis’s effectiveness in treating pain, many can attest to its ability to reduce pain. Since CBD and THC affect pain relief differently, knowing the cannabinoid in your topical is critical. To get a fantastic selection of topicals, check out Dank Depot in Palm Springs, a trusted dispensary for high-quality products and incredible service in the Palm Springs area. 

Topical cannabis provides localized treatment for pain and conditions that cause soreness and inflammation for various aspects. You can manage conditions like arthritis and multiple sclerosis with topical cannabis, more in a therapeutic sense than medical. Also, it can treat pain from sports-related injuries and wounds with topical cannabis. Common causes of pain, like headaches, can also be treated with these products. Specifically, this is because cannabinoids’ antibacterial properties potentially aid the healing processes. 

A person applying topical cannabis on their hand

Skin conditions, including eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, are the most common issues topical cannabis can treat. However, if you want noticeable results, ensure to use a topical brand that is appropriately suitable for your skin condition and not solely joint pain or for another unrelated cause. 

Is Topical Cannabis Safe?  

Topical cannabis is entirely safe to use. If you use a THC-based topical, you are unlikely to feel any psychoactive effects. In the unlikely event that you happen to feel mild effects, it will remain that way and not escalate. CBD-based topicals come with zero risk for intoxicating effects. The odds of someone failing a drug test from purely using topical cannabis are extremely low but not impossible. Also, do not apply topicals if you ever experience an allergic reaction to smoking cannabis. Order topicals from Dank Depot to receive them at home via a cannabis delivery service. 

What Are Other Uses for Topical Cannabis?  

Using topical cannabis for anxiety or other emotional stressors has not been backed by adequate scientific studies. Still, there have been several reported cases of its potential benefits for coping with these conditions. People use certain topicals in the bedroom, as THC-based ones offer the cannabinoid’s euphoric sensations and enhance pleasure. Other studies show topicals help potentially heal burns with cooling properties. Also, it can act as an anti-ager from the cannabinoid’s rich antioxidants and control acne by reducing skin oil. A few new studies display that it can even help fight cancer, mainly by helping mitigate pain and healing malignant wounds. 

How Many Kinds of Topical Cannabis Exist?   

Besides lotions, topical cannabis can also come as oils that you can rub on your skin. Also, there are transdermal patches, often a more intense experience. Depending on their THC levels, the patches can deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream and potentially have intoxicating effects. 

Topical Cannabis: Main Takeaways 

Topical cannabis is a safe, versatile, potentially healing method to incorporate cannabis into your life. We suggest understanding your specific needs, health concerns, medical conditions, and other matters before topical cannabis use to make a more educated decision when shopping for such products. For example, consider if you are more interested in the CBD benefits of THC, along with more factors, like if the topical you plan to use is for skin conditions, injuries, or inflammation. If you have concerns, ask your doctor for more information about using this natural alternative for pain relief and other ailments and if it will work for you. 

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