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The Quality of Your Cannabis: Why It Matters

Quality over quantity is an undoubtedly applicable rule to live by for most aspects of life. Whether relationships, food, or material items, it is always better to enjoy the best over a large amount of dissatisfaction; the same goes for cannabis. Not all kinds are the same, and differences in quality are usually apparent right away. There are various tell-tale signs, whether in the texture, smell, or how it burns—further, all these differences significantly impact your experience. A dispensary that does not settle for mediocre cannabis is essential, and Palm Springs’ best dispensary, Dank Depot, does just that. They pride themselves on their variety of products without sacrificing quality, hand-selecting the highest quality items.

Besides overall experience, poor quality cannabis poses several health issues. The smoke you inhale might be excessively harsh, irritating, or potentially harmful to your upper respiratory system. You could miss out on all the nuanced flavors of different strains and the flower’s various properties. Further, it can be straight-up gross. Here, we will explain why the quality of cannabis matters and share the importance of keeping your cannabis fresh.

What if My Cannabis Is Too Dry?

Cannabis, like other natural products, can expire. Over time, your cannabis will lose its genuine water content, dry up, and begin to lack many complex desirable properties. But, it can be tricky to spot changes at first sight. One way to inspect cannabis is by feeling its texture. If it crumbles too easily or feels overly brittle, that is usually a sign it is too old. Another way to inspect is the smell – when it is old and too dry, it can have a faint aroma or no scent at all. Or, depending on the strain, old cannabis can have a very harsh smell rather than the preferred herbaceous, fruity, tangy aromas.

Dried cannabis is different from cured cannabis. Cured cannabis is the final product of the process that transforms the plant’s flower into buds we purchase at the dispensary. Dry cannabis is when those cured buds begin to go stale. It is best to avoid smoking old and dry cannabis for many reasons. It can be a disappointing and unpleasant experience if your cannabis lacks any flavor or tastes way too harsh.

What Are the Dangers of Smoking Burnt Cannabis?

If you find leftover cannabis in your bong or pipe that appears burnt, we do not recommend smoking it. Burnt cannabis can leave sticky residue inside your pipe or bong, challenging to remove and posing several potential health hazards if you do not regularly clean your equipment.

cannabis mold

Although you may not want to waste any bud, not all ash is the same. If torched edges of ash burn orange, that indicates there is still some THC in there. But if ash burns white, the THC is depleted, and you are inhaling harmful smoke into your lungs.

Even though cannabis carries various health and therapeutic benefits, smoking may still pose some risks if not correctly done. Inhaling smoke from burnt material can bring carcinogens and toxins into your body, irritate your throat, and is particularly dangerous if you have certain medical conditions. Cannabis is a healthier alternative to tobacco, but consumption may still yield similar health risks. Although you can use as much as possible to prevent waste, before lighting ash in your pipe, ensure it will not pose any potential harm.

What if My Cannabis Is Damp?

Damp cannabis usually indicates mold. Mold should never be ingested and is very harmful to your health. To avoid potential illness and health complications, inspect your cannabis for mold growth before smoking, especially if it is not correctly stored. To do so, keep your cannabis in an airtight container and place it in a spot that is cool, dry, and dark. However, do not store it in the freezer, which can also cause mold.

Mold can be tricky to spot on cannabis, so it is essential to look carefully. Search for specks of white fuzz or powder on your bud before smoking. Like dry cannabis, inspect buds using touch and smell. If cannabis feels spongy or too soft to touch, it may have too much moisture exposure. If your bud smells musty or lacks the usual aroma, that is another sign it may be wrong. Damp and moldy cannabis is hazardous to your health and can make you sick, so it is best to avoid it at all costs. This article provides even more information and is an excellent source for more details on proper storage to keep your cannabis fresh.

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