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Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

There’s nothing quite like waking up, reaching over to grab yourself a joint and realizing you’re all out. With more and more dispensaries offering weed delivery though, thankfully it’s not too hard to restock for the week. A Palm Springs dispensary or Palm Springs weed delivery service can hand deliver some of your favorite cannabis products right to your door, and if you’re anything like most people, you’d rather have your cannabis ready for you at all times, so ordering a good amount ahead of time is ideal.

If you like to order yourself some cannabis and smoke it over the course of a week or so, it’s important to remember how to keep your cannabis as fresh as possible. As cannabis packaging has become more and more airtight, packaging today is designed to maintain quality and freshness, and while flower doesn’t have an expiration date, there’s definitely a certain amount of time for it to remain fresh.

Oxygen and light are the worst things your cannabis can be exposed to if you want to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Zip-lock baggies are not only not airtight, but they expose your cannabis to light from every possible angle. Flower is packaged in a way to make sure there is optimal moisture and typically kept in opaque bags so light doesn’t penetrate. This is what keeps the cannabis fresh when it’s delivered to a dispensary in Palm Springs for example. So if there’s so much care in having weed delivered to a dispensary while maintaining freshness, it’s important for people to treat the weed they’ve delivered or bought in a similar fashion. 


Too much moisture can harm your weed and much like other things, you want to keep away from oxygen for optimal freshness. If there’s too much moisture in your weed storage container, it’s going to degrade its freshness and shelf life severely. Since cannabis flower is cured, moisture trapped inside the bud slowly dissipates while making sure the cannabinoids and terpenes remain. Storing this kind of cannabis or packaging requires a low moisture content and no oxygen in the package, so keeping your cannabis at home in any air-tight container is key.


In addition to keeping your cannabis in an air-tight container, you can extend it’s life by keeping that air-tight container in a cool, dark place that’s perhaps a slight bit cooler than room temperature. 

 If the temperature is too high, your cannabis can start to grow mold and mildew. You also don’t want to have your cannabis store in too low of a temperature, as this could reduce its potency. Optimal temperature is around 70 degrees F. 


Just like with temperature, if there’s light hitting your cannabis, it’s going to lose its potency. Light will degrade your weed’s quality, so storing it in something opaque is super important. Prolonged exposure to light converts THCA to THC, which is then converted to CBN, a.k.a. cannabinoid that doesn’t give you the intoxicating effects of cannabis. 

In general, knowing how to store your weed properly can help keep it fresh and provide the most out of it. Extending cannabis shelf life is about limiting its exposure to elements that can harm it.

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