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How To Keep Cannabis Fresh and How It Connects with Your Marijuana Dispensary

Getting marijuana can be a challenge itself. Another hurdle people overlook is keeping the product fresh, particularly for weeks, as this can be a significant task to overcome. Despite cannabis usually having a one-year expiration date from the day of packaging, keeping it in new condition enables a more enjoyable experience. It maintains the natural taste when appropriately done, no matter how long you store it. Whether you experience trouble preserving the freshness of cannabis when holding over a few weeks, or if you are curious about learning how to maintain the product’s freshness over time, keep reading as we list perfect ways to keep cannabis fresh.

While people have always used conventional means for cannabis storage, this will cover the importance of marijuana dispensaries, particularly their role in keeping cannabis fresh.

Why Do You Need Fresh Cannabis? 

Whether smoking, vaping, or cooking, cannabis holds significant nutritional value when new, no matter the form of consumption. Specifically, fresh cannabis contains a high number of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and more. Some vitamins included are vitamin K, crucial for blood clotting, and Vitamin C, critical for immune systems. Fresh cannabis also has folate, vital for DNA repair, calcium, essential for bones, iron, blood oxygenation, and antioxidants. Cannabis can supply rich dietary fiber to the body, and health experts often describe it as a “superfood” due to the cannabinoid’s acid, popularly known as cannabinoids.

This acid can be an effect as an antioxidant (THCA), anxiety relief (CBDA), anti-inflammatory (THCA and CBDA), anti-nausea, and vomiting (THCA and CBDA). To learn how to do so, keep reading!

How to Keep Cannabis Fresh 

While research is still ongoing, cannabis is better kept fresh, as dry leaves have less beneficial supplements useful for the body. Below are several reliable means to help store cannabis and keep it fresh for a long time:

Sealed Vacuum 

If vacuum sealing your cannabis, ensure to use containers with no bisphenol A (BPA) in the plastic. The BPA chemical is harmful to people, despite being common in plastic, and the chemicals can potentially impact the cannabis harmfully. Vacuum-sealing cannabis is a reliable way to keep it fresh and healthy for an extended period, as it will protect it from any form of airborne contamination that causes humidity. But extreme care is necessary, as the slightest exposure can ruin the cannabis. Further, some claim the seal can damage its trichomes and reduce the level of cannabinoids.

cannabis in a container to keep it fresh

Keep Away from Extreme Temperature 

Avoid storing cannabis in dramatic temperatures, like in the heat of direct sunlight or the cold freezer. Specifically, this is because direct sunlight causes cannabis to break down, and higher temperatures cause the cannabinoids and terpenes to boil. The first sign is the cannabis changing color to brown or yellow and curling up. It is also the same with dramatically cold temperatures, such as the freezer, which significantly harms the cannabis trichomes. By this, storage in the cold causes them to become brittle and dry up.

Use a Glass Jar with a Lid 

With your cannabis in a glass jar, an artificial air-locked environment prevents various kinds of microbial growth caused by external circumstances. However, what makes a glass jar a top-notch method is that it is economical for storing cannabis. A glass jar does not seep in or seep out air, and its rubber nature makes it easier to close without any fuss. However, ensure that any glass jar you are storing cannabis in is moisture-free because they become sweaty if exposed to air or water. A secure glass guarantees freshness and prevents mold from growing.

Use Empty Medicine Bottle 

Medicine bottles can keep contents safe from contamination and prevent them from drying. In addition, they keep marijuana safe and easy to carry around. Unfortunately, many do not know that empty medicine bottles can also effectively store cannabis for freshness. So, when you buy steroids next, endeavor to keep the bottle if you are a marijuana lover because it saves you the stress of checking your cannabis repeatedly. However, you should ensure that the medicine is dry and sanitized because its odor can reduce the scent. Also, the bottle is not effective in controlling odor, which leaves you to choose to use it or not.

Never Mix with Organic 

There is a belief that adding organic can preserve cannabis, preserve moisture, and still retain freshness. However, if you have been doing that, you are not taking fresh cannabis, but a mixed cannabis that can be harmful to your body. Organic does not preserve cannabis. Instead, it only increases the chance of mold and mildew growth. Do not follow any YouTuber hacks; many seem to have fallen for this, wherein you are only damaging marijuana.

Titanium Containers 

While titanium containers may seem expensive, it is the perfect way to minimize exposure to heat or sun. The construction of the container allows a precise amount of air while protecting the cannabis from oxygen.

Where To Get Fresh Cannabis 

If you are a lover of marijuana, do not buy from a local person because most only sell for profits. If you are always looking for fresh marijuana, you might as well visit us. Our marijuana dispensary store is the best because we are knowledgeable about health and nutritional benefits. We also have guides you might need to further preserve cannabis for scent and freshness. Visit us today!

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