Meditation with cannabis

Cannabis and Meditation

Coping with stress and anxiety is an issue many people face. About 19% of adults in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder, equating to roughly 40 million people. With so much stimulus from the outside world and other stressors influencing our mental health, it is easy to lose touch with ourselves. That is why it is essential to check in, realign our intentions, and firmly plant our feet on the ground. One of the easiest methods for doing so is mediation. 

Meditation is proven to be an excellent treatment for anxiety and stress and allows us to feel grounded in the present moment. We can realign with who we are, where we are, and the rhythm of our breath. While there are numerous benefits to meditation, getting in “the zone” can be challenging. Silencing the noise in our heads can be tricky, but you can unlock several mental health benefits once you entirely give in to meditation. Cannabis, when used properly, can help you reach this state of meditative “zen.” 

For many, cannabis allows them to lower their inhibitions and calm their anxiety. It is proven to help reduce stress reactivity when in moderation. Too much THC can induce stress for some, making moderation crucial in these scenarios. But how does one find the right balance? Further, how can cannabis be combined with meditation for optimal results if used correctly? 

It is relevant to note there is no concrete scientific evidence supporting cannabis being beneficial for meditative practices. But, incorporating recreational marijuana into mediation has proven effective for many, and Palm Springs cannabis users can take advantage of potential benefits by paying a visit to Dank Depot today. 

The Benefits of Meditation   

Meditation’s benefits are varied and well-documented. Practicing meditation is linked to lowered inflammation caused by stress and improved symptoms for stress-related ailments like IBS, fibromyalgia, and PTSD. Regularly practicing meditation can enhance sleep quality, improve attention span, and lower blood pressure. Potential psychological benefits include increased happiness, better control of anxiety, and heightened self-awareness. Also, mediation can happen anywhere at any time. Practicing meditation can significantly impact one’s life if done routinely and in the right state of mind. 

Combining Cannabis and Meditation  

Marijuana has been previously introduced into meditation by religious groups like Naths, Shaivites, and Buddhists, all of which believed doing so offered a heightened awareness. Recreational marijuana’s ability to encourage full-body relaxation and consciousness makes it a natural addition to mediation. Still, there are a few factors to consider. 

Indica vs. Sativa 

Specific cannabis strains make a difference in how they combine with meditation. Sativa, or hybrid strains with higher Sativa percentages, are known to improve one’s ability to focus and boost energy levels, making it suitable for daytime use. Indica strains, on the other hand, are considered more sedative. The two affect people differently, and their associated outcomes are not guaranteed when consumed. A plant’s cannabinoid contents likely play a more prominent role in how it affects meditation. Marijuana’s levels of THC and CBD, the two most prominent cannabinoids, can evoke varying results. 

Meditation with cannabis

Studies show strains with higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC were more effective for treating short-term depression, whereas those with lower CBD levels and higher THC levels were better for reducing stress. Those interested in incorporating recreational marijuana into mediation should choose the strain that best suits their needs and factor in their sensitivity to THC. High THC amounts can further induce stress and anxiety in some people. Sativa and Indica strains and other cannabis products are available for Palm Springs cannabis users at Dank Depot.

The Best Methods For Consuming Cannabis Before Meditation 

There are multiple ways to enjoy cannabis’ benefits, but each provides a unique experience. Smoking cannabis is one of the quickest and most effective ways of combining marijuana with meditation, but vaping offers the choice of microdosing. Today’s vape pens allow smokers to gauge how much they ingest better, beneficial for less frequent or new users. Edibles are another option but can take up to two hours to reach their full effect. 

The Final Takeaway 

If you are interested in combining the benefits of cannabis with meditation, it is essential to experiment with different forms of the two. Dive into the various types of terpenes found in plant species or study other forms of meditation. Take note of how your body reacts, what works, and what does not. It is all about finding what works for individuals and their emotional well-being. Enjoy recreational marijuana at your leisure and view it as a therapeutic tool rather than an indulgence. 

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