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5 Tips For Enjoying Your High

5 Tips For Enjoying Your High

It happens to the best of us. We light up a joint, pack a bowl or grab the bong and inhale and all of a sudden, you can’t help but feel worried and paranoid for no reason. While it’s a pretty bad feeling, it’s also super avoidable. 

Tip #1 Good Music

Grab some headphones, some quality speakers and listen to your favorite songs. You’d be surprised how much this can sooth your paranoia. Any kind of music that puts you in a good mood when you’re sober will greatly improve your mood when you’re smoking weed. If you’re listening to music that makes you sad, you’ll experience a down kind of high. Give yourself some upbeat music, or whatever boosts your mood and enjoy that smoke!

Tip #2 Find Your Happy Place

It should go without saying, but if you’re starting to get paranoid, stop what you’re thinking about immediately and start thinking positive thoughts. It seems simple, and sometimes it is, but it’s all about putting your mind in the right place. If you’re thinking negatively, you have to remind yourself of the things that make you happy. Remove your mind from the dark place it’s gone and direct or guide yourself to a good place.

Tip # 3 Breath of Fresh Air

If you ever feel like you’re starting to suffocate from paranoia, grab a breath of fresh air because it makes the world of a difference. Even if you’re smoking outdoors, taking a step away from where you are can ease your mind and bring you calmness in a moment of panic. Walking away from the point you’re at can help you remove yourself from a situation that’s causing you paranoia and gives you a moment to reflect and rebalance yourself. Grabbing a breath of fresh air can truly help recenter yourself and bring your high back to where it should be.

Tip # 4 Grab The Munchies

No matter where you are, finding yourself the right munchies can calm you down. You can be grabbing your weed from a palm springs dispensary and chances are, there’s a good grub spot right next door. Even if you’re having your weed delivered, hit that postmates and doordash app and get yourself some of your favorite chicken nuggets delivered. Food is a great distraction!

Tip #5 Right People, Right Place, Right Time

It goes without saying, but the people you’re with, the place you’re at and the time you’re smoking can bring you a great amount of anxiety or stress and even cause paranoia. Don’t surround yourself with people who make you uncomfortable and don’t light up that joint in a sketchy area. Even if you’re paranoid about going and getting your weed, find yourself in a comfortable place and have a palm springs weed delivery service bring you your goods. It eases your mind to plan ahead and be with the right people, at the right place and smoking at the right time. Getting your weed delivered to your home, where you’re prepared with your favorites munchies, playlist and just a few steps away from your happy place, you’re bound to have a great high.

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